Peter A.D. Stahl


Peter A.D. Stahl works as a Director with eight years of industry experience after previously working as an American style Director of Photography and Cinematographer.

Peter was born and raised in Augusta Georgia, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida to attend the University of North Florida for Electrical Engineering. He worked as an air pollution control consultant specializing in electrostatic precipitators for big industry. As an artistic expression Peter founded and ran Edge Magazine, a Fashion and the Arts magazine. Through his contacts in Media and Film, along with his experience with fashion photography, he discovered that his two passions of engineering, and capturing beauty fit well together in the production of a film. Since 2011 he began working full time in the motion picture industry. He lives in Studio City, California, but maintains an apartment in New York, and a house in Florida.

Peter’s experience with physics, allows for a unique view on light, color and motion, which can push limits, while his love for classic film keeps him grounded producing high quality products with a balanced mixture of contemporary and classic cinema. He visualizes the entire project, working out all the artistic and technical issues, reviewing the film mentally prior to shooting, and captures films in their boldest style. His problem solving skills are also handy in coming up with solutions to all the issues that arise on sets.

Peter is a Philomath with Wanderlust, and you will most likely find him traveling the world between films, as he works to better understand the human experience through exploration, and study. Submerging himself with different cultures; learning the simple and complex emotions and facts in life, and how they interact so he can better capture them and express them on a screen.

Peter worked on the feature films VEER! by Blue Llama Studios, Truly Everlasting by Madaris Entertainment & Five Alive Films and QuickSand by Go Cinema. He has also worked on numerous short films such as The Prisoner by Mahmoud Shoulizadeh, Casualty by XOF Project, SNUG by Iron Rock Films, “Mister, You’re on Fire” by Insect Politics and Kitty Kitty and First Date by AB Positive production. He created the short film Morgan, his strongest work yet. Peter also produced many other short run or experimental films, to better understand how to portray emotions and camera techniques.

Coming from the Cinematography side of film by way of engineering and fashion Peter A.D. Stahl offers a unique view, with vivid beauty, powerful emotions, and technically placed frames, he brings the subtle flavor of life, love and pain. Hidden inside his favorite expression “life is life” (a misquote of a German phrase) He finds this deceptively simple phrase to mean closely the same as the French phrase “C'est la vie”. Life is unique and tricky enough that it can only be defined as being life itself; life is life. This tricky concept is what makes his films so memorable.

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